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This page is currently under construction and does not show our complete list of hire equipment. Please call our trade counter for assistance.

Thank you for your patience.

Access Equipment

Aluminium Scaffold Towers
  • 1.42m - 18.80m Platform height
  • Single and double width
  • Stairwell towers
  • Hand rail sets are available to link two towers
Please call our hire desk to discuss your specific requirements

Minifold Tower

  • Ideal for 1 man use
  • Unfold, fit the platform and start work
  • 0.7m - 1.7m Platform height
  • Fits through standard doorways when folded
Mini Fold Tower
Scaffold Boards, Trestles & Staging Boards
  • Scaffold Boards from 5ft(1.53m) - 13ft(3.96)
  • Adjustable Trestles to 6ft(1.83m)
  • Staging Boards from 10ft(3.0m) - 24ft(7.32m)

Please call for details

Ladders & Steps
  • Combination Ladders - max extended height 6.0m
  • Roof Ladders - 18ft(5.48m)

Please call for details

Steel Props & Strongboy Supports
  • Size 0 Prop 1.04-1.89m
  • Size 1 Prop 1.75-3.12m
  • Size 2 Prop 1.98-3.35m
  • Size 3 Prop 2.59-3.90m
  • Strongboy Supports

Please call for details

Building & Contractors Equipment

Concrete Mixers
  • 240v & 110v mini-mixers
  • Petrol mini-mixers
  • Diesel site mixers

Spare parts and repair service available for customers with their own mixers. Please click the link below for more details.


Lifting Equipment

Genie Superlift SLA-15
  • Max Load - 363kg
  • Width - 80cm
  • Height - 1.99m

Genie Superlift SLA-25

  • Max Load - 295kg
  • Width - 80cm
  • Height - 1.99m

The Genie® Superlift Advantage® is a manually operated lift with multiple base, winch and load handling options to create just the lift you need. The compact, portable design rolls through standard single doorways in the upright position and is easy to load into a pickup truck.

Genie Superlift Advantage

Mini Excavators & Dumpers


Kubota K008 - 1 Tonne

  • Width (tracks in) - 725mm
  • Width (tracks out) - 860mm
  • Height (ROPS down) - 1655mm
  • Height (ROPS up) - 2230mm
  • Digging Depth - 1620
K008 Mini Excavator

Kubota KX41 - 1.5 Tonne

  • Width - 990mm
  • Height - 2280mm
  • Weight - 1520kg
  • Digging Depth - 2370mm max
KX41 Mini Excavator

Kubota KX71-3 - 3.0 Tonne

  • Width - 1500mm
  • Height - 2410mm
  • Weight - 2800kg
  • Digging Depth - 2680mm max


Terex HD1000 - 1000kg Skip Loading Dumper


Terex PS2000 - 2000kg Swivel Skip Dumper


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